Corner of East 11th Street And University
Lobby entrance East 10th Street
Corner of East 10th Street and University

Click photograph for full view.Photographs by Rick Wagonheim March 2011.

The Albert Today

By the mid-1970s, the Hotel Albert, like much of New York, had fallen on hard times. The Elghanayans, a family of real-estate developers, bought it to convert into apartments, a move welcomed by local residents. What had become 500 seedy residential hotel rooms is now a thriving complex of 190 cooperative apartments. The historic facades of the buildings have been retained and we continue to maintain the Albert in the spirit of its past splendor befitting its history. We are fortunate to have Anthony W. Robins, an authority on New York landmarks, a historian of the Albert to connect us to the buildings’ past.

Artists, writers and musicians are still to be found among current residents. But all are honored to live in a building whose history is palpable. It is not just the long list of notable and notorious guests, who lived, stayed, visited, dined and drank at The Hotel Albert. Great literature, celebrated poetry and seminal music were created within these walls and great ideas debated by the leading proponents of the day. We are fortunate to be able to call these historic buildings our home. On a summer Sunday evening do we dare to hear the ghosts of greatness in the air?