New York home to rock's greatest, the best and the worst of all worlds lie under its roof.

Printed in Eye Magazine May 1968Article written by Lillian Roxon Illustration by Michael Foreman

Carly Simon and Joni Mitchell

From Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, And Carly Simon--And The Journey ..., by Sheila Weller:

Manhattan was both a magical and a daunting place for a Pentels-and-guitar-case-toting young woman to enter, alone, in the spring of 1967. Downtown had its own ecosystem. The folk scene on MacDougal, to which Joni immediately introduced herself, was centered on the Night Owl (where James Taylor and Danny Kortchmar’s Flying Machine had been the house band until James went to London and Danny to Laurel Canyon) and the Cafe Au Go Go (where the Blues Project - “the Jewish Beatles,” from Queens and Long Island - held forth), with all the musicians piling into the Dugout around the corner after sets. English rock stars stayed at the Albert Hotel on Fourth Avenue [sic], while beatnik expatriates thrust back on the city holed up at the Chelsea on Twenty-third Street.

...Joni, James, and Carly flew back to the States in November and lived together at New York’s funky Albert Hotel and the glitzy Plaza Hotel...