New York home to rock's greatest, the best and the worst of all worlds lie under its roof.

Printed in Eye Magazine May 1968Article written by Lillian Roxon Illustration by Michael Foreman

Frank Zappa - Mothers Of Invention

From Necessity Is: The Early Years Of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention, by Billy James:

Although drug usage by the Mothers members was minimal at best, indulgence in sexual promiscuity was another matter altogether. The sixties as well as being notorious for its mind altering chemicals, was also a period of sexual liberation and experimentation. And it was the whole language and subculture of being in a band - groupies, getting the crabs, the clap, etc. - that became the subtext to many of Zappa’s songs. So rather than singing about getting high, the Mothers more often than not sung about getting laid - the more lurid and lewd the suggestiveness the better…..

Don Preston recalls one of his encounters. “While we were staying at the Albert hotel, I was in my hotel room; a room trying to look respectable but failing with its worn carpet and old cigarette-burned furniture. I had just taken a shower and was drying myself when there was a knock on my door. ‘Fuck it,’ I said and went over and opened the door wide only to behold a totally beautiful girl standing there wearing a light turtleneck sweater and a very short mini skirt. She looked me up and down and said, ‘Well, aren’t you going to invite me in?’ She came in and I wrapped the towel around myself. She then introduced herself to me and we proceeded to make passionate love for several hours. She told me she was an interior decorator, but had been a Vogue fashion model during her teens. We lived together for six months. She was a beautiful soul that I regret separating from.”