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Silvestre Revueltas (1930s) – Spanish composer
The Spanish composer:

The composer left Mexico on 12 June, spending a week in New York after passing through Monterrey, Laredo, Nashville, and Roanoke with two traveling companions (Revueltas 1989, 55). Revueltas’s mood seems to have been at a low ebb; certainly any news from Spain at this point would have been bleak (on 19 June Nationalist forces succeeded in occupying Bilbao) and a sense of hopelessness regarding the whole venture emerges in his letters to Angelucha. On 21 June he wrote from New York’s Hotel Albert: “Pienso en mi pequeňa obra, obra de amor y de fe, tan pequeňa ante...este gran dolor humano.” [Footnote 14 translation: “I think of my slight work, of love and faith, so small before....this great human suffering.”

Keith Carter (c.1940)
The American photographer:

Keith Carter is about to embark on another international teaching trip, this time to Italy and Norway. The renowned photographer has lectured everywhere from Mexico and Ecuador to Scotland and Belgium. But at the beginning and the end of each journey there is always Beaumont, TX, a small city (population 90,000) about 30 miles west of the Louisiana border, where he has lived and worked for more than 50 years and where, he says, “I will always stay.”

...After college, it was time to leave Texas. The aspiring photographer sold his motorcycle for the bus fare to New York City, where he devoured the photographs on display in galleries and museums while living in a room at the Albert hotel in the Village. He cites photographers such as French primitivist Eugene Atget, Alfred Stieglitz, and Paul Strand as major influences. “I’d never heard of Strand until I went to New York, but I saw his work, and also August Sanders’, whose portraits were magnificent.”

Sibyl Stitzer (1930s-40s)
Minor theatrical figure:

...had long lived at the Albert Hotel.

As a young woman Miss Stitzer traveled about the country, giving dramatic readings. She had minor parts in several silent movies. More than a quarter of a century ago she assumed her post with the Bureau of Internal Revenue at the Custom House. She was known for her collection of rare books and art objects.iii

Winfred Young (various)

Winfred Young, a retired actor and brother of Mary Young, Hollywood actress, died Thursday in St. Vincent’s Hospital. His age was 86. Mr. Young, who was born in New York, lived at the Albert Hotel. As a boy soprano he sang on the Keith vaudeville circuit, and later was a member of the John Craig Company in repertory in Boston.

Bradley Walker Tomlin (1952)
One of the New York School of Abstract Expressionist artists:

Upon release from the hospital, went to Albert Hotel in Greenwich Village…

Steve Urry (1960s)
A description of how Urry, a Chicago sculptor, got his “sprawling, organic, aluminum” works to an exhibit in New York City:

Only the threat of living in the streets can persuade us to stay any longer in that black apartment, so we register at the Albert hotel in the Village before going to the gallery.
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