Building History Timeline

Jackson Pollock

There is no indication that Pollack ever stayed at the Albert, but he did attend dinners there (and see below, p.59):

During this winter [1944-45] of print-making, besides Hayter and the Surrealist Andre’ Masson, who was working at the Atelier and whose work was close in spirit to Pollock’s, Jackson saw a lot of his old friend Reuben Kadish. Rube worked with him pulling proofs at night when it was quiet. Afterwards, sometimes with Hayter and others, they would drink – usually beer – at neighborhood bars including the Cedar Street Tavern and the Hotel Albert.

At the opening [1948] – surrounded by a few close friends and relatives – Jackson was tense. As soon as the group left the gallery and went to the Hotel Albert for a small dinner party, John Little bought him a double bourbon, hoping it would relax him. It didn’t. Jackson had a second stiff drink and then a third. Before anyone could stop him, he grabbed the new hat of Alma Pollock, the wife of his brother Jay, and destroyed it.