Building History Timeline

Andy Warhol

Warhol girls:

Since Flesh opened, Jackie and Candy [“drag queens”] had been renting a room together at the Hotel Albert, where a lot of Warhol people stayed.

Candy Darling was around much more after Glamour, Glory, and Gold, and she and Jackie started coming by Max’s a lot – they weren’t getting ignored and put upstairs any longer. In November when the Stones’ album Their Satanic Majesties Request was just out, Candy and I [Warhol] were in the back room at the round table together, and when “In the Citadel” came on the juke box, she said, “Oh, listen. This is the song Mick wrote for me and my girl friend Taffy. Listen to the words!” Taffy was another drag queen around town, but I hadn’t met her yet. Candy didn’t care one bit about rock and roll – her mind was always back in the thirties and forties and the cinema fifties – so it was really strange to hear her use her Kim Novak voice to talk about rock lyrics. Since I could never understand a thing over those really loud sound systems, I asked her what the words were saying.

“Here it comes now!! Listen! ‘Candy and Taffy / Hope you both are well / Please come see me / In the Citadel.’ Did you hear it? We met them in the Hotel Albert.” The Albert was a cheap hotel down on 10th Street and Fifth Avenue. “We were on the floor above them and we dangled a bunch of grapes down on a string outside their window. You see, the Citadel is New York and the song is a message to us - Taffy and me.”

“Then how come you didn’t say hello to Mick that night at Salvation?” “I was too embarrassed,” Candy said, “because I can’t tell those Stones apart. Which one is Mick?”